3 Reasons You Need a BX80 Kubota Tractor

3 Reasons You Need a BX80 Kubota Tractor

The BX80 series Kubota Tractors are sub-compact tractors made for novices and experts alike. They were made with the idea in mind that anyone could use them and they could be used in smaller spaces. Among their many features, they are made to handle a wide range of jobs, be comfortable for those long tasks and handle easily for efficiency in completing any task. Here are 3 reasons you may need one:

The power and versatility to handle a wide range of jobs

The sub-compact BX80 series has the power and versatility to take on all your tasks whether you are working on your toughest gardening, landscaping, and property maintenance jobs or just simply mowing a yard. Whatever your needs, it can handle it.

The tractors come with a fuel-efficient 3-cylinder diesel engine that provides plenty of power to haul, climb, and pull your way through even the most challenging tasks. It also has an optional 2-lever quick coupler combined with Land Pride’s 3-point quick hitch system that lets you hook up to more front and rear implements, letting you handle a wider range of jobs. The swift connect features allow you to quickly attach and detach the tools you need: mower, front loader, back how, scraper, grass catcher, pallet fork, sweeper, snow attachments, and aerator

Comfort and maneuverability

Many tractors forget about the comfort needed to work those long hours, but Kubota has you in mind with fully padded high-back reclining seats that have adjustable armrests. There is also a tilt steering wheel and more legroom in general. Finally, they redesigned the instrument panel to not only be more modern and stylish, but also easier to read all the information that you need to operate your tractor. Further, the smaller size in addition to wider mowing sizes up to 60 inches with easy turn function, means you can maneuver just how you want.

Efficient time saver

The power, versatility, comfort, and maneuverability of the BX80 series tractors all combine to mean that you have one efficient time saver to help you complete all the tasks you need quickly and within your time frame. You can work long or short hours and know that the comfort is there so you can enjoy your work throughout the day. Fitting into those small spaces means you don’t have to go back with something smaller to get the job done, meaning more efficient work, so you can get back home and enjoy your day quicker.

For more information on the BX80 series tractors, contact your local Kubota dealership in Columbia or Franklin.

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